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Art is a beautiful gift.

Reborn Babies give Joy for Generations to Come.

I thank God every day for the Gifts & Talents He gave me.

My Daughter Missy with her first baby girl, Kyla. This picture was taken five weeks before Missy passed away from Bone Cancer, at eighteen, the day before her nineteenth birthday. My Granddaughter Kyla, was only 10mo. old. We were blessed to raise her as our own, per my daughter's wishes.

I made a Reborn Baby of "Baby Kyla" to capture her innocence as an infant before the cares of life intertwine with reality.

Capturing the Memories of yesterday, the Hope of tomorrow and Knowing that Eternity holds Forever.

God, Jesus and all of my Family and Friends will be waiting for us in Glory. 


Hugs, Lynette Norton

About Us

My two girls Missy and Megan when they were young.  Megan's now grown and happily married. 







Missy's daughter, Kyla with her own Reborn Baby. Of course she our's, we adopted her as our own and we're the only parents she ever known.

We keep Mommy Missy very much alive in our home and in our hearts for her and us, someday we will all be together again, in Heaven.

Being a doll collector and making dolls come to life for myself, my family and others is heartwarming. I've been collecting many kinds of dolls since 1980 the year my first child Missy, was born.

I lost my first daughter Missy, due to cancer 91/2 mo. after she gave birth to her only child, Kyla. As I make each reborn baby it's not only cathartic for me but I'm helping others as well. Not to mention the pure art form itself that gives joy for generations to come.

Grief Therapy or "Cuddle Therapy"
I pray that you feel God's Love as you cuddle with one of my Reborn Babies. I put so much time and love into each one of them; singing praise music, praying over the babies and each family who ends up taking him/her home, you'll know their made lovingly with each one having a scripture tucked inside where the heart is, pick just for you as I prayed.

Sometime I use the reborn Babies in what is called "Cuddle Therapy" which has nothing to do with making the babies. "Cuddle Therapy" is also used for Autism, Alzheimer's and Dementia patients.

Making the babies does cause a sense of comfort for me, even if it causes me to cry at times due to missing my daughter and baby. Crying is a part of grief that you should not stuff, you must go through it and once in a while, we just need to break down. Crying is okay, we are made in God's image and Jesus wept, in the garden, so we too can cry as we miss our children, no matter how old they were.

They're not just for mothers who have lost a child but for anyone who knows how to take care of a special baby doll that looks so real they seem alive. Absolutely precious. 


My 13yr. old granddaughter/daughter owns one that she bought with her own money. She and her friends started buying Reborns as a group. They are learning responsibility at an early age, not only spending a large amount of their own money but caring for an infant is no easy task. This teen will think twice before wanting a baby too soon. :) We go over the daily and nightly cares of what it takes to be a mommy and the money it takes to raise a child. Now she is 15 and has since lost interest in playing with the baby but has starting collecting dolls much earlier than I did, for the love & pride of ownership. She now has two Reborn Babies and is trying her hand at the art of reborning. She also loves art of many forms.

Seeing Kyla's Reborn Baby on the day she received her first one is what got me started. I fell in love with him and there was no turning back.



My Reborn Babies are more than just a one of a kind "OOAK," Reborn Baby Doll, they're lifelike.  I have had many people not only think they're real from a distance but even as they pick the reborn baby up they start bouncing it and keep looking at it saying "I can't believe it's not real, she's looking right at me, I'm expecting her to coo at me any minute." With a chuckle.  "She feels so real, I don't want to put her down." They do that to just about everyone who picks them up.